Welcome to Wilmington's premiere improvisational school and corporate training institute.

The Wilmington Improv School offers classes in Improvisation and Sketch comedy as well as a corporate training seminar. 

To learn more about the corporate training seminar, please check out the "Corporate Training" page.

The Wilmington Improv school provides intensive levels of instruction in a supportive and structured environment, students will find their funny and learn to hone their comedic talents.  Every program features fundamentals and advanced skill development as well as performance opportunities appropriate for beginners and experienced actors.

The Improv training program consists of the Improv Beginner Series, Improv Advanced Series, and Improv Comedy Performance courses.

Wilmington Improv was created by IO West, Second City, Cleveland Improv Institute and Groundlings alum, Matt Warzel.  Improvisational comedy can be beneficial for the comedian adding new techniques to your comedy repertoire, the actor trying to broaden his or her range as well as well as needing improv to increase your value in today's competitive industry, or even the working professional who needs help perfecting his or her presentational and public speaking skills as well as learn methods that can enhance teamwork and communication abilities.